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When I’m close to overload, this is the sort of thing I stare at. It calms me; the shaking stops, the nausea settles. It has to be a three-dimensional image and the colours need to be shades of purple-magenta, often interspersed with turquoise.

I have no idea why colour has this effect on me. When I’m not in overload it produces a sensation I can only describe as fizzing in my head. A pleasant feeling, that lasts until I look away. Sometimes I get a shower of tastes and smells, but the fizz is the central sensation.

When I was a child I tried to describe it to the adults around me. Colours that evoked this response were full colours, not like the other wishy-washy colours that surrounded me. Of course, the adults thought it was funny, one of those strange things that children make up. No one considered that I might actually be seeing something different from them.

Note to neurotypicals: your way of seeing the world is not the only way, and possibly not the best or most interesting way.