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An occasional series on how I try to convince myself I’m normal, and fail.

I’m not ASD because I don’t have food issues.

It’s true that I will eat almost anything that can be considered food. I’m not keen on weird stuff, like honey ants, or grasshoppers. But apart from that my list of disliked foods is small:

  • liquorice/aniseed
  • brussel sprouts
  • tripe
  • kidneys

So far, so NT. Whoopee!

Except for the last three days I’ve been eating lentil dhal.

And for two, maybe three months before that, I was eating mountain bread spread with a mix of grated mozarella and parmesan, microwaved and rolled up. Occasionally with chicken and sweet chilli.

Every day. For over two months.

And I couldn’t eat it if it wasn’t rolled up, because that would be wrong.

Before that it was bacon and lentil soup with garam masala.

For six weeks.

I do eat other things; I often pick up a cake with my coffee on my way to work and have it for breakfast. And I sometimes get a custard tart from the hospital kiosk. But at home, where my food choices are widest, I default to the same thing day in, day out.

It isn’t diagnostic. But I probably have to admit that it’s not normal.

Reveal your weird food choices or habits in the comments…