Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s

…taking in some culture and coffee.

This photo is from a spring morning on the South Bank, visiting the Tate Modern. I went to the Damien Hirst exhibition; I’ve never seen any of his work in the flesh, as it were (yes, that’s a dreadful pun). I’ve always been a bit bewildered by Hirst, TBH. I visited out of curiosity, really. He was a gamechanger in modern art, though whether for the better has been debated for longer and with more erudition than I could ever manage.

Still, it was an interesting experience. The dead shark has presence, and watching children standing inside a cow, asking questions about its anatomy and not being remotely squicked, was fun. And at the end, well, I didn’t really have a better grasp of what the fuss was about. There was a circus aspect to it, and there was little that felt meaningful to me.

I was annoyed to find that the gallery’s Rothko paintings had been put in storage to make room for it. So, it seemed, were the staff who informed me of that disappointing fact. Interesting to discover that Tate staff seemed to come down on the ‘vastly overrated’ side of the discussion.

Maybe it’s a sensory issue, but I get far more from standing in front of a Rothko than from two hours of Hirst.

Anyway, some more travel pics to follow.

(This is my break from exam revision, BTW.)